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interMET Sistemas y Redes S.L.U. was stablished in 1998 and since then has worked in multiple areas related with weather and climate. Our activity goes from observation of the atmosphere, to complex statistical analysis, numeric simulation, research and development, education and training of working teams. We also provide meteorological data and set up platforms of meteorological data publication through the web.

During all these years interMET has acomplished many projects for the industry, the university and several research centers. All these projects reached the objectives stablished with a high quality standard.

We can help you through:

A correct analysis of your needs;
A realistic evaluation of your resources;
With an empathic and close position;
Helping you in the development of a mesuring strategy;
A profesional execution done by experienced personnel;

Our excelent trajectory along with a deep evaluation of our systems, procedures and professional competences made possible to get the quality acreditation on UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 for the activity “Design, instalation and management of meteorological and environmental networks”. Having this acreditaion garatees an excelent level of quality in all our future projects.

Why are we different?

interMET is a small company with a big passion: weather and climate. We are lucky we have a solid academic background in atmospheric physics but we have to admint we had learnt as much in field work and working close with our clients and their needs.

We offer key-hand solutions if you want, but also you can participate in the design of your experiment or project. We can train your team with the new tools so you can grow idependently.

Our platforms are open source, we want you to contact us not because you need us to unlock your systems, but because you like our way of working and the results you got with our help.

We are idependent and we do not represent any other firm, or compromise is to find the best technical solution for your needs and resources. We keep total confidentiality on your data or any other aspect of the project you consdier.

We are also advanced user of some of our own networks or shared with other institutions. These networks are perfect for internal research and development and benchmarking our procedures, personnel and technologies. Also, these research can help to specific areas of the scientific comunity through publications and participation in congressess and other forums.

Where other see troubles, we se challenges.

Our people


Luis Durán Montejano

Founder and Director


Manuel Ballesteros Lechuga

Installation and mantenance engineer


Irene Rodríguez Muñoz

Installation engineer and programmer of weather stations
Quality and environmental manager

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