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interMET was founded in 1998 and it has expertise in almost all areas related with meteorology and climate. We have experience observing the atmosphere, performing statistical analysis, running numerical simulation models and we have participated in research and development projects for the industry and research centers. We have been also involved in education projects at different levels, participated as cofunding in cooperation projects and we are willing to work in imaginative ways. We can offer solutions, tools and know-how for those who need to understand and predict better the weather and climate.

Why are we different?

interMET is a small company with a big passion: meteorology and climate. We have a a solid academical background in atmospheric physics, but we have grown as professionals thanks to many hours at field work and after succeding with complex projects. We have grown as professionals and now have a solid know-how thanks to the projects that our clients trusted to us, but still have a lot to learn.

We offer key-hand solutions if you do not want to get complicated and put yourself directly to work on your data. But also, if you wish, you can actively participate in the development of your project with us. Also, we can train your team so you can grow independently after we finish our job.

Our software is open source since we want you to call us not because you need us for unlocking your compiled tools, but because you apreciate our work, you are happy with the results and you want us to help you evolve.

We are an independent company, we do not represent any commercial software or hardware company. We will always look for the best hard and soft solution for your project so you reach your objectives optimally. We will keep total confidentiality on your data in case you want us to take care of it as we would do with any other aspect of the project you consider.

We are also users of our own meteorological networks or networks shared with other institutions. So we understand your needs and wishes. These networks are excellent benchmarks for a continuous improvement of our technologies, methodologies and professional capabilities. Research based on these allow us to modestly contribute to the scientific comunity writing papers, reports or public presentations at congresses..

Where other companies see troubles, we see challenges.

What services can we offer?

Observe the atmosphere fecha_derecha.png Understand the processes fecha_derecha.png Asess/Predict

Your future project might be in one of the stages of this chain: Observe Understand Control. interMET can offer you its know-how and help you with your project in those areas you do not feel confident and will take a lot of time to succeed. This way you can concentrate on your expertise. We can take care of the completeness of your time series just like it was ours, we can develop for you a forecasting tool and run in a routine basis so you can use your time to take the decitions. We drive far to take care of your network while you and your team do the research and concentrate on the results.


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