Radio modem connection of met station at 12 Km. Case of Goree Island (Senegal)


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GPRS way of transferring data to a central server from remote sites is becoming a standard. GPRS routers and modems are the most economical option and bring other features like web server, FTP, tunneling and others. Nevertheless there are still applications that make still interesting other alternatives. This is the case of this project dealing with a remote site in a island, Goree Island (Dakar, Senegal). Our client liked the idea of start building their own scientific network with the benefits of such option like: zero costs during operation, unlimited traffic, no contracts needed with third parties and others. We accepted the challenge and made it. It took some more trips than expected but for us was more an adventure than business.


The objective was to connect two weather stations to a central server located right in the middle of the town. One of them was just some hundreds of meters away, the other was 10 Km in a strait line with no direct sight, with all downtown to cross and being the station, obviously, at sea level.


This was accomplished using three SATELINE AS300 Satel radio modems with two high gain directional antennas. Since this modems are power demanding, the datalogging system was used for switching on and off at programmed hours.


After several failures due to the long distance and delays due to logistics, finally the network was opeative and in service since then. Thanks to this service our client is able to know daily if the stations are working correctly and saving considerable human power for data collection and maintenance.